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Group structure
The Landi Renzo Group is present in more than 50 countries and an export percentage amounting around 80% of the entire turnover, the Landi Renzo Group is a world leader in the eco-mobility sector.
Key financial information on the Landi Renzo Group
Share Capital
The Landi Renzo Spa share capital is Euro 11,250,000, entirely subscribed and paid up, and is represented by 112,500,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 0.10 Euro each.
The expression Corporate Governance is used to identify the set of rules and procedures on which the management and control system of corporations is based.
Balance Sheet and Reports
Conference call
Analyst Coverage
Debit and credit rating
Adhesion to the SDIR-NIS service and the eMarket Storage mechanism

For diffusion of Regulated Information, Landi Renzo used the SDIR-NIS circuit managed by BIT Market Services, a company in the London Stock Exchange Group, based in Piazza degli Affari no. 6, Milan.

For the storage of Regulated Information Landi Renzo chose to make use of the central storage mechanism, named "eMarket Storage", managed by Blt Market Services, a subsidiary of London Stock exchange, based in Milan, P.zza degli Affari 6, and available at the address .


IR Policy
The Landi Renzo Group believes that the level of reliability and credibility that a company must offer the investors and the financial community in general depends on the relations the company has with its own shareholders.
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