We are one of the leading international players in LPG and CNG technologies for a more ecological mobility. We have innovated and been chosen on all continents for over 60 years.
We are present on consolidated and emerging markets, with direct presence thanks to our subsidiaries or commercial distribution agreements.
Present in all five continents
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We constantly innovate our  products. The new Research and Development Centre is the common centre from which new solutions are born in the field of ecological mobility. 
A model of excellence
people employed in R&D area
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R&D expenses on total tournover (thousands of euro)
Winner of the award "Sustainable Development 2015"

* data referring to year 2020

We consider the learning process a continuous experience, that can accompany people during their professional career, guaranteeing efficacy, flexibility and tendency to innovation.
Develop Talent
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* data referring to year 2020
Our history

We have built our idea of development over 60 years, with three constant reference points: innovation, internationalisation, training.
We have expressed experience, strategic flexibility in approaching markets, work ethic, dedication to work and concreteness on these bases.

  • 1950s
    The Fifthies
    The first workshop
    In 1954 Renzo Landi and his wife Giovannina Domenichini opened Officine Meccaniche Renzo Landi in the city of Reggio Emilia. At that time, it was the only company specialized in mixers for all types of vehicles.
  • 1960s
    The Sixties
    The sales network quickly covered domestic territory and by 1963-1964 the company was exporting to Japan, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Soon there were new opportunities in Eastern Europe, India and South America too.
  • 1970-1980s
    Seventies & Eighties
    When Renzo Landi died prematurely in 1977, his wife and son, Stefano, continued to manage the business. Ten years later it became a joint stock company and Stefano was appointed Managing Director.
  • 1990s
    The Nineties
    Landi Renzo became an industrial group. In 1993 it took over Landi S.r.l. and Eurogas Holding B.V., a Dutch company in the same sector. In 1999, the Group opened its Polish branch, Landi Renzo Polska S.p.Z.o.o. The following year the Group acquired Med S.p.A. of Reggio Emilia. 
  • 2000s
    New Millennium

    The company Eurogas Utrecht BV is acquired by the subsidiary Landi International BV. The new headquarters is inaugated at Cavriago of Reggio Emilia.Acquisition of Lovato Gas in 2008. 

  • 2010
    The First decade
    Acquisition of A.E.B. Technologies and Baytech (USA) and opening of new subsidiaries in Romania, Venezuela, Argentina, India and the United States. In July 2012, SAFE S.p.A. came into the Group. In 2013 was bought 70% of Emmegas Sr.l. In addition, an Indian company was founded: Krishna Landi Renzo India Private Limited Held.
  • 2014
    The 60th Anniversary
    The 19th September 2014, Landi Renzo celebrated 60 years of Innovation in clean transportation with the event “Excellence Inside”, thanks to the presence of the Peace Nobel Prize W. Clark. In the same day, the New Research and Development Center was inaugurated.
  • Today

    Landi Renzo Group is a leader in ecological mobility, basing its continuous growth on internationalization, innovation and training, the three main factors that have allowed it to grow healthily and harmoniously, setting itself continuous new challenges.