IR Policy

IR Policy

The Landi Renzo Group believes that the level of reliability and credibility that a company must offer to the investors and the financial community in general depends on the relationship that exists between the company and its shareholders.

The Landi Renzo Group's investor relations can be summed up as follows:

  • sending information about the company to financial markets with the aim of allowing investors to assess the correct value of shares and other financial instruments and to provide their support in order to interpret company strategy
  • provide an evaluation of the company given their competitive strategy
  • ensure accurate information from other sources to allow the management to have a full view of the market's opinion of the company

The Landi Renzo group is especially focused on events with the financial community, such as conference calls, meetings with investors and brokers and road shows in the most important cities around the world.

Landi Renzo's investor relations have been developed under the CEO's direct control, as he believes it to be of vital importance to the group.

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