Control Risks and Sustainability Risks Committee

Control Risks and Sustainability Risks Committee

The control and risks committee plays a consulting and proactive role, with the task of analysing issues and preparing the methods for control of company activities with relative connected risks and, in particular:

a) assessing the correct use of accounting standards and, for groups, their homogeneous nature for the purpose of consolidated balance sheets, working with the manager in charge of drawing up the corporate accounting documents and consulting with the auditor and panel of auditors;

b) expressing opinions on specific aspects that aid identification of the main company risks;

c) examining regular assessment reports on the group's control and risk management system, especially the ones regarding internal audits;

d) monitoring autonomy, adequacy, efficacy and efficiency of the internal audit department;

e) it can ask the internal audit department to carry out checks on specific operational areas, also notifying the president of the panel of auditors;

f) reporting to the board about the suitability of the internal control and risk management system at least once every six months, during approval of the annual six-monthly and yearly financial report.

Sara Fornasiero Chairman
Vncenzo Russi Committee Member
Angelo Iori Committee Member
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