Corporate bodies

Corporate bodies

Board of directors
The Shareholders' Meeting of the parent company Landi Renzo S.p.A. held on 29 April 2022 appointed the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors for the three years 2022 - 2024.


Stefano Landi Chairman
Cristiano Musi Chief Executive Officer
Sergio Iasi Vice President
Massimo Lucchini Director
Andrea Landi Director
Sara Fornasiero Independent Director
Pamela Morassi Independent Director
Anna Maria Artoni Independent Director
Silvia Landi  Director


Cristiano Musi CV
Board of statutory auditors
The Board of Auditors in office was appointed by the Ordinary of 29 April 2022, and will remain in office until the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2024.
Fabio Zucchetti Chairman
Luca Aurelio Guarna Standing Auditor
Diana Rizzo Standing Auditor
Luca Zoani Alternate Auditor
Gian Marco Amico di Meane   Alternate Auditor
Control Risks and Sustainability Committee
The control risks and sustainability committee, with consultative and advisory functions, has the task of analyzing and addressing the problems of importance for the control of business activities and related risks.
Sara Fornasiero Chairman
Sergio Iasi Committee member
Anna Maria Artoni Committee member
Appointments and Remuneration committee
The committe for appointments ans remuneartion has a consulting and proactive role, with the task of drawing up proposals regarding directors' and top management's remuneration and and any stock option plans and share allocation plans for executive directors and top management.
Pamela Morassi Chairman
Massimo Lucchini Committee Member 
Anna Maria Artoni Committee Member 


Committee for Operations with Connected Parties
Sara Fornasiero Committee Member 
Pamela Morassi Committee Member 
Anna Maria Artoni Committee Member 


Supervisory Body
Jean-Paule Castagno Chairman
Domenico Sardano Member of the Body 
Filippo Alliney Member of the Body 


internal audit
Filippo Alliney Internal Audit manager


Ordinary post
Ordinary post: 
Supervisory Body c/o Internal Audit – Landi Renzo S.p.A. 
Via Nobel, 2
42025 - Corte Tegge, Cavriago (RE)
Contact Information
Tel: 0522 949561 
Fax: 0522 944044 
Independent Auditors
On 29th April 2016, the Shareholders’ Meeting resolved, on the proposal of the Board of Statutory Auditors, to entrust to the company PriceWaterhouseCoopers SpA the legal auditing of the accounts for the 2016-2024 period. 
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