Natural gas infrastucture
Natural Gas Infrastructure

We work in the industry of treating and compressing natural gas.
We design and build components and infrastructures for multiple applications and our main business areas relate to:


CNG refuelling stations and systems for automotive purposes

We design natural gas pipeline stations: from small public refuelling stations to large stations used to refuel trailers (mother stations). 
We also design stations supplied by trailers (daughter stations) that are used in geographical locations where no pipeline is available. 
In addition, we can provide lorry-based mobile stations for refuelling vehicles daily in strategic areas or to evaluate potential investments in siting CNG stations in various geographical areas.



Compressors and auxiliary systems for processing gas from the extraction phase to final distribution

We design equipment for a great variety of applications:  from recompressing natural gas in wells, to feeding turbines,  gas gathering, extinguishing flares and underground storage.
In addition, for special applications such as refrigeration circuits using ammonia, we also offer compression packages with rotary type compressors.



Installations for transforming biogas into biomethane

We design complete systems for transforming Biogas into Biomethane from the digester outlet to the high compression system for refuelling vehicles or for re-immission to the network.
Our biogas upgrading systems consist of membranes which remove carbon dioxide and active carbons for desulfurisation. 
The systems are modular with integrated management and remote supervision of the process parameters.